Monday, June 01, 2009

Asked to leave

A comrade who attended this event in Haringey on Saturday was asked to leave for handing out "political" literature. Another example of anarchist intolerance and inconsistency (see the list of stallholders there, propaganda, eg, for the Chavez government in Venezuela is apparently not political). Meanwhile on Dave Osler's blog we're accused of being anarchists. We're not of course but it seems we're damned if we are and damned if we're not.


stuart said...

I don't know, some people. You denounce them as idealist, muddle-headed, petit bourgeois, dangerous idiots, and they *still* won't be your friends.

Darren said...
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stuart said...

PS That was a joke. The Haringey organisers should of course, in my opinion, have allowed socialists to hand out leaflets.
All the best said...


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Anonymous said...

from what I heard, someone was handing out leaflets about voting in the European elections and, yes, was asked to leave by one of the people sitting on the registration desk.

there was no ban on "socialists handing out leaflets", just a desire to avoid electioneering.

Darren said...

Funny, but at the moment it looks like the SPGB got more votes in Haringey than any other London borough. ;-)