Friday, May 08, 2009

They've done it again

Missed out candidates they don't consider important, that is. So I've just emailed in this complaint to the BBC news website:
Just listened to the 6 o'clock news on Radio 4 which referred listeners to your website for details of candidates for the European elections. Found here for London but this is by no means complete. 5 Party lists and 5 independent candidates have been omitted. For full list see here.
There is no excuse for this. You need to rectify it quickly to avoid being in breach of the Representation of the People Act.
Adam Buick, Election Agent, The Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Let's see how quickly they put it right.


Londonsocialist said...

The BBC webpage has been corrected, but only partially. They've added the names of the English Democrat candidates, but still left off ours, those of the SLP, Libertas and Yes to Europe. This must just be incompetance rather than political bias or convenience since you'd have though that in this age of "celebs" the fact that the Great Arthur Scargill was standing would have been newsworthy.
Another email and phone call are being sent.

Londonsocialist said...

King Arthur isn't happy either. This is what it says on the Scargill Labour Party website at

The SLP today lodged a complaint against the BBC for failing to Include the SLP list of candidates for the London region on the BBC news website. Lewisham borough council who are acting as the returning office for the election confirmed that they had issued the full list to the BBC, which included Party Leader Arthur Scargill as number one on the List. SLP Members were left wondering whether this was a genuine oversight or a sign of things to come as the BBC turns to more even more "embedded" journalism during the election campaign."

Bill said...

Well, they're all up now...