Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Surveying the field

Well, since our nomination papers are in, we know who we are, and from the list on Wikipedia, a fair idea of who our rivals will be. Ten lists so far.

Of which four are nationalists of some stripe (UKIP, Libertas, BNP, English Democrats). So far, only Labour and the Green Party represent anything that can be called "the left" with the nationalists, plus the Tories being mainly on the right, and Jury Team and the Lib Dems bringing up the centre.

Anyway, I'll move one in future posts to examining party's manifestos...

To begin with, Labour. Although Labour will bring out their own manifesto, as part of the Party of European Socialists [sic] (PES) they will be committed to enacting this manifesto with their Parliamentary group. It makes for some interesting reading:
almost 17 million people in Europe [are] already out of work and many more in precarious jobs who are among the first to be hit by slow growth; the ever-present risk of home repossessions; and social inequalities, with some 78 million people – many of them children – living below the poverty line or at risk of poverty.
As ever, reformists are good at diagnosing the ills, but fail with their prescription. Their proposal? Regulate the markets. That's going to work. Honest. Of course, wing nut free marketeers nowadays try and blame market regulation for the crisis. After all, the markets are already regulated, it just didn't work.

We'd argue, though, that it can't work, that any system based on the market will eventually fall over. That issue, though, is going to be at the real centre of European politics though, regulation versus deregulation, for some time to come. The stale battle between capitalist parties.

Capitalist Parties? Oh, yes, that the piece of analysis I forgot, all but one of the parties standing is a faction of the capitalist party, there are ten lists, but only two parties. Go on, make the choice between capitalism or socialism, not what flavour capitalism you get.


Anonymous said...


Saw your screen at 52 and the european election meeting on May 17th with your two candidates. Is that the same Tristan Miller (aka the weasel wrangler) who played bass in the australian punk band 'the f**k, f**ks' back in the 80's?

Might come along; promises to be a wild evening............

jim said...

Dear Anonymous,

As no one else has, I will point out that our candidate Tristan Miller is not the one and the same, who played in the little heard of punk band the f***f f**ks, this is unlikely as he was not even a teenager. I do hope this helps to clear that matter up for you.

Jim Lawrie

prolerat said...

"Might come along; promises to be a wild evening............"

The evening will still blow your mind, brother,if you can get yourself along to it.