Sunday, May 01, 2005

Mayday greetings!

Supoer saturday went well, fifteen comrades turned up and helped out, helping us reach out across teh constituency.

Today me and Danny went down to Brixton - the very bottom of the constituency and one of its most lively social centres - to do a bit of manic street preeching, and for photo opportunities for the party archive - got what I hope will be some nice ones of Danny in front of Lambeth Town Hall.

Sadly, people were too busy getting from A to B to stop and listen, but at least we tried.

Otehr comrades have gone to see a Workers Revolutionary Party march, and then off to the official TUC march at Trafalgar square.

Just remember, 364 days of the year are the capitalist's days, tyoday is our day.

Speaking of days, Danny made an appearance on Raiders Broadcast internet radio last weeek, and is due on again on wednesday coming...

This week, we go into wind down, it is almost all over, just a couple of days canvassing, and then a possible bunfight on Thursday before the count, to say thankyou to everyone...

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