Friday, April 08, 2005


If it’s possible to lead the workers to socialism, it’s possible to lead us away from it.
One of the most pernicious aspects of capitalist society is its patriarchal nature, that is, we are conditioned to view certain ‘special’ people, usually but not exclusively men as not only cleverer but more mature and so therefore more able to shoulder the responsibility necessary for the running of society. Whereas we workers, the class that in effect does all the work needed to maintain and develop the society we inhabit are considered immature and so unable to shoulder the responsibility for our own lives.
Now all this contradicts the iron law of responsibility, which states ‘The only way to deal with responsibility responsibly is to share it’. If you claim that you can exercise social responsibility for others, or if you allow someone else to exercise responsibility for you, that’s irresponsible!
So what we have with politicians making all kinds of impossible promises in competing for our votes, is the blindfolded leading the blinkered, the berserk leading the bewildered.
History can be seen in many ways and so here’s a couple, first, as an ascent, a journey out of ignorance, the more we know the more we can do, the better we know the better we can do. Second, as a rite of passage, in discovering our identity we come of age, and so are ready to take the responsibility for securing the future by sharing it.
Socialism will be a society that has come of age created by a majority of humans who have come of age. The information is out there.

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