Thursday, February 24, 2005

Mistaken Identity

It`s well worth taking note of how these politicians competing for our votes in the up coming election see us. I`ll wager pound to a pinch when we hear or read how they propose to make us the working people, the class who do all the necessary work that reproduces society day to day, more secure, prosperous, healthy etc, we`ll hear ourselves described as ordinary people, and the ordinary family, or the ordinary man in the street. The joke, and it`s on us, is that we submit to this ordinary identity without a second thought, we have been conditioned by our class situation to accept the status of ordinary, why? Because all that people who see themselves as ordinary want is an ordinary life, who we believe ourselves to be determines our desires! The reflex of this must follow that those with power over us because of wealth who don`t have to endure the degradation of selling their lives to an employer for wages must be special and being special we allow them to interpret our lives for us. We rely on them to tell us what to do, how to think, what to eat, how to dress and most importantly, who we are.
So if you`re still with me let`s take that second look, a sideways second look.
Imagine that extra terrestrials from somewhere in our universe having conquered time and space are surveying our planet, what do you imagine they would find most amazing, dazzling and most extraordinary? Exactly, us, what else?
But the joy of our imaginary visitors, who would be not only technically but socially advanced, would be tempered by the fact that they would be unable to introduce themselves to us, because we sadly have yet to introduce ourselves to ourselves.
But we’re getting there!

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